Russian and East European Institute | Slavic Library Materials
R620 | 3985 | M Croucher

The course acquaints the students with the major references for
research in the histories, literatures and social sciences of the
Slavic countries.  Materials in Russian, English and German are
emphasized, though works in all the Slavic languages are used.
Sources are chosen in part to dovetail with the linguistic abilities
and interests of the students.  Reference sources include an analysis
of the national bibliographies in both their printed and CD-ROM
forms.  In addition, students are assigned Web searches.  Additional
topics include lectures on Slavic acquisitions, selection tools and
book suppliers.

The last 1/3 of the course is an assignment to write a bibliographic
paper on any topic that interests a student or that lays the
groundwork for one of the student's courses or his/her thesis or
dissertation.  The paper can be a bibliographic essay or an annotated
list of materials.  The paper should utilize the sources studied in
the first months of the course.

The text consists of handouts of references which the student will
annotate and report on.  The last three weeks of the course consists
of individual meetings to work with each student on his/her class
paper.  The course should aid the student in library sleuthing and
help the student to see the advantages and pitfalls of relying on Web