Slavic Languages and Literatures | Literature in Totalitarian and Post-Communist Society
C365 | 4018 | Volkova

The course focuses on texts in the Czech totalitarian society, their
specificity, the types of messages major writers are giving, as well
as the ways they use for transmission of these messages. Authors
like Kundera, kvoreck, Hrabal and Kohout will be amo
ng the highlights of this course, but more contemporary literature
and women's literature are featured extensively as well. The course
asks questions like what is specific for literature under a
totalitarian regime? How is it different from the literature
in a free society? What is temporal and what is eternal in such

Requirements: graduates: one paper of 20 pp., midterm and final, as
well as two or three smaller (reading report assignments).
Undergraduates will be required to present a smaller main paper (7-
10pp.), other assignments will be the same. As all other Czec
h Literature courses it is taught from texts in translation. Offered
every other Spring (i.e. even years).