Slavic Languages and Literatures | Readings in Russian Culture, History and Society I
R407 | 4005 | Richter

This is a translation course using non-literary texts.  Selections
vary and are drawn from history, cultural history, memoirs,
biography, journalism, travelogues, etc.  Both nineteenth and
twentieth century sources are used, and a point is made of includi
ng at least one text in the old orthography.   Every text is
completely translated during class recitations.  There is a test
given at the conclusion of the translation of each text.  There is a
cumulative mid-term exam covering the first half of the tota
l material covered, and a cumulative final covering the second
half.  Students are also required to select two texts for individual
translation, one of fifteen pages, to be prepared before the mid-
term, and another of ten pages, to be completed by the sem
ester's end.  Only the first page of each text is submitted in
written form, but separate tests are given to spot-check
comprehension of both as part of the mid-term and the final exam.