Sociology | Social Inequality
S217 | 4069 | Blouin

Is inequality inevitable?  Do men really make more money than
women?  Does money buy happiness?  Do poor people like different
kinds of music than rich people?  Why do white Americans live longer
and have more wealth than African Americans?  These are just a few
of the issues we will address in this course.  Through a primary
focus on the major dimensions of inequality (i.e., race class,
gender) we will explore why certain groups and individuals receive
larger amount of valued social stuff, such as money and power.  Do
some people simply try harder than others or is there truth to the
adage that some people are "in the right place at the right time"?
In other words, what do groups of people earn and what are they
simply given?  This course will offer an in-depth look at both the
causes and consequences of inequality in contemporary U.S. society.
Time will also be spent discussing the problems of inequality and
what can be done to solve them.  The ultimate goal of this course is
to provide students with the tools to better understand inequality
in their personal lives, their communities, and the broader social