Sociology | Society & The Individual
S230 | 4071 | Kim

This course will examine ways in which individuals behave, think,
and feel during relationships with other people and with society as
a whole.  Ultimately, this course will study people and the
processes that encompass every aspect of people’s lives-loving,
hating, working, helping, trusting, fighting, and communicating.
Some of the concepts and perspectives we’ll be looking at include
how society shapes individuals throughout the course of their lives
and how people, in turn, influence society.  We’ll also discuss how
groups form their own subcultures and how people manage and interact
in multiple layers of culture.  Additionally, we’ll examine how a
sense of self is developed and the processes by which this self
interprets the behaviors of itself and of others.  Another aspect of
this course deals with the struggle that individuals have in
defining what is “fair” and “just,” “right” and “good,” “deviant”
and “stigmatized.”  The goal of this course is to help the student
understand the social psychological theories that have been offered
to explain some of the most fundamental processes of human behavior.