Sociology | Gender Roles
S338 | 4084 | Sweeney

Gender affects virtually every aspect of our lives, from the hats we
wear as babies, to the way our teachers treat us in 7th grade math
class; from the ways we feel about our bodies to the ways we
experience sex; from the jobs we want and think we can get, to the
ones we actually do and how much we get paid for them; and from the
ways we take care of our bodies to the ways we're medically treated
when we show signs of heart disease.  Women and men are treated
differently, and this inequality has real consequences.  And in the
end we have to ask, are we really all that different?  Might women
and men be more similar than different?  Why are we so obsessed with
finding differences rather than acknowledging similarities?

In this course, we'll cover many debates related to gender,
including discussions of the origin of gender differences and how
these differences relate to inequality, and the degree to which
biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives help us to
understand these differences.  Many aspects of U.S. society will be
examined, including education, work, family, law, and the media,
while cross-cultural comparisons will also be a major focus of the
course.  Objectives will be met through lectures, readings, films,
and personal experiences.