Sociology | Topics in Methods & Measurement
S450 | 4107 | Kennedy

Topic:  Survey Research Methods


This course introduces the students to the history, theories, and
methods of survey research.  The course focuses on the design,
development, execution, and analysis of surveys.  In particular,
survey sampling, question construction, questionnaire design,
computer-assisted interviewing techniques, survey data analysis, and
research ethics will be covered.  Multiple survey modes - in-person,
mail, Web, and telephone - are included in the course

Course Overview:

The course begins by describing the various uses of survey research
but focuses on the development of sample surveys as a form of social
and behavioral science.  The second part of the course focuses on
survey design including issues related to research ethics.  The
third part course focuses on questionnaire design and question
development.  The course ends with a section on survey data

This course will cover the theoretical and intellectual bases of
surveys along with the practical issues of conducting surveys.  The
facilities of the Center for Survey Research are used when
appropriate for the course.   The students will have many
opportunities to see how surveys are conducted in a   professional
research environment.

Course Goals:

	Learn the why, when, and how of surveys.
	Understand the scientific basis of survey design.
	Understand the practical issues in survey design.
	Understand the ethical issues related to survey research.