Sociology | Sociological Research Practicum I
S556 | 4116 | Jackson

The 2003-04 Sociological Research Practicum is concerned with the
intersection of work, family, and health.  The purpose of this
research is to describe the way in which these arenas intersect to
represent the life experiences of a group of people, to study the
way in which families confront and/or negotiate the stress of
everyday life within and across these arenas, and to illustrate how
an understanding of the intersection of these arenas may intimate
where and how people find purpose and meaning in life.  The primary
goals of this course are to prepare students to understand the
literature on these topics and to engage in a piece of original
research related to one or more of these areas.  Through the SRP
students will become familiar with multiple existing national and
international datasets relating to the topics of work, family, and
health.  We will also engage in an original data collection project,
consisting of both face-to-face and telephone interviews with a
racially and economically diverse sample of families.  Tentatively,
course requirements include an exploration of the literature, group
presentations, various data collection tasks, and a detailed
research proposal for the Masterís Thesis.