Sociology | Advanced Topics
S660 | 4124 | Alderson

Topic:  Social Stratification and Inequality

Arthur Stinchcombe famously remarked that social class is
sociology's sole independent variable.  While class analysis proper
has always been just one part of a much larger project, it remains
the case that, to the extent that sociology has a "core," it lies in
the study of the complex processes that generate inequalities of
power, privilege, and prestige in human societies.  This course
introduces this core by surveying the major classical and current
approaches to social stratification and inequality.  Likely topics
include:  Marx, Weber, elite theory, social evolutionism,
functionalism, formal theory of social structure, processes of
hierarchy formation in infrahuman populations, social mobility and
status attainment research, social networks, culture, luck, labor
market and dual economy research, world systems theory, inequality
and development, and the resurgence of inequality in the United