Speech and Hearing Sciences | American Sign Language - Level One
A100 | 4345 | Amy Cornwell

Course Content: The course is designed for students with no previous
knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL). During the course,
students will acquire basic ASL skills needed to communicate in a
wide variety of situations. Classes are conducted in American Sign
Language with minimal use of voice and written communication. Deaf
culture is incorporated throughout the course. Students are asked to
wear name tags during class.

Videotext and Workbook: The student workbook is your guide to be used
with the Videotext. You should read the instructions in your
workbook prior to viewing the Videotext. Workbooks will be checked in
class on the date stated on your course syllabus. Workbook
assignments will be graded on a scale of 1-10. Workbooks must be
completed prior to the beginning of class or the assignment will be
considered "late" and the grade lowered. If the assignment is not
completed by the following class meeting, the assignment will not be
accepted for a grade. It is the student's responsibility to ensure
late homework assignments are checked by the Assistant Instructor.

Grading: Grades will be based on the student's performance on
quizzes, exams, written work, class participation, and attendance.
The following weighting factors have been assigned to these various
Fingerspelling Quizzes (drop lowest grade) (15%);
Comprehensive Quizzes (drop lowest grade) (25%);
Mid-Term Exam (25%);
Workbook/Special Project/Class Participation (10%);
Final Exam (25%)

Please note that ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY! If attendance is not
regular, this will lower the student's grade by one-third letter
grade for each absence over three class sessions. Communicate reasons
for absences with instructor as they occur (preferably prior to the
absence). DO NOT wait until the end of the semester! This information
will be taken into consideration when determining student's final
course grade.