Theatre and Drama | Voice and Dialects
T445 | 4599 | Kopryanski, K

T445  Voice and Dialects

P:  THTR T325 or written permission of instructor
At least Junior standing

The aim of the course is to give students the analytic tools to be
able to acquire and master a dialect on their own.  Through a review
of voice work and an exposure to the IPA they begin by exploring
phonetic symbols through sound and movement.  They are then given
tapes which are worked on in class where the sound of different
dialects are spoken, explored and written.  Approximately two weeks
are spent on each dialect, and the student then chooses a
monoloque/scene to analyze and perform from that particular
dialect.  In the course the students also examine each others
accents.  They then select a donor of a dialect they choose to
interview, analyze and perform.  The dialect of the whole person is
emphasized and there is a strong focus on acting as well as