Theatre and Drama | Playwriting 2
T454 | 4600 | Reardon, D

T454- Playwriting II

Consent of instructor required.
Prior playwriting experience helpful.
May be taken for Graduate credit.

Course Philosophy and content:  The primary objective of this class
is to assist the student in the creation of a full-length play,
generally construed to mean two acts running about 89-90 properly
formatted pages in the appropriate font.  Playwriting II is first
and foremost a “workshop” class involving individual conferences and
peer evaluations of work-in-progress in-class readings.

However, depending upon class size and subsequent time constraints,
and effort will be made to instruct students not only in “how “ to
write a play, but in “why” to write a play.  Contemporary work will
be placed in a historical/mythic framework examining the origins of
the dramatic impulse in western and non-western cultures.  An effort
will be made to track the development of certain techniques from the
Greeks through the Middle Ages down into their present forms.
Consideration will also be given to the historically unprecedented
problems confronting today’s dramatists in an age dominated by film
and television.