Afro-American Studies | Race, Gender and Class
A408 | 1061 | Keaton, Trica

In this course we will explore the ways race/ethnicity, gender, and
social class interact and have an impact on people’s lived
experiences.   These socially constructed categories, whose
definitions change across time and cultures, serve to privilege some
while stigmatizing others.  Such notions influence the ways we
perceive ourselves and those around us.  To better grasp how these
understandings function in U.S. and other societies, we will examine
the dominant ideologies and social institutions that have
perpetuated these entities using a variety of readings and films,
including selections from sociology, anthropology, literary studies,
and history.  Rather than employing a group-oriented approach to the
study of “race” (i.e., studying the experiences of particular
groups), we adopt a problem-oriented approach (i.e., exploring
mechanisms of racialized domination, including prejudice,
discrimination, segregation, ghettoization, and violence). Emphasis
in this course will, however, be place on “race” in order to
problematize what is all too often considered settled, namely what
constitutes “race” itself.