Afro-American Studies | Racism and the Law
A481 | 1064 | Motley, Frank

A481 Racism & American Law

Instructor: Associate Vice Chancellor Frank Motley

11:15A-12:30 PM TR BH 244

Fulfills: SHSI

This course, which explores historical and contemporary race
relations issues in the context of American law and constitutional
principles, is designed to give students an overview of the history
of race relations in America as seen through its laws.  Starting
with slavery, touching upon the treatment of African Americans,
Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans, the
course will survey contemporary legislative issues and laws
affecting minorities, e.g. voting rights, employment discrimination,
and educational opportunities.

Law cases, the Socratic method, and student presentations will be
part of the teaching methodology.  Students will be expected to read
and brief about five cases a week.  The major text outside the
mimeographed reader will be Richard Schaefer's Racial and Ethnic
Groups (9th Edition).