Afro-American Studies | Historical and Contemporary Issues in Black Education
A552 | 1083 | Audrey McCluskey

This course will examine the emergence and development of  black
education in America as part of a highly contested struggle for
human and civil rights in America.  As an historical survey,  we
will examine both chronological and thematic developments in the
access to, and control over educational resources in black
communities.   The question at the center of our analysis will
be: 'education for whom and for what?' Following the celebration of
the  50th anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education,  we are
also interested in  the legacy of desegregation and  its affect on
the  current state of education in  black America.
The class will conduct independent research on both historical and
contemporary—afrocentric education, vouchers, single sex schooling,
etc are  possible  topics.  Students will present conference style
papers from their research.
(This course meets with AFRO-A 452)