Anthropology | Topics in Anth: Business Cultures
A200 | 24898 | Clark

As globalization intensifies, cultural factors that influence the
performance and growth of corporations have become more obviously
important to business managers and analysts alike.   The internal
values of a particular corporation make up a significant part of its
assets and public image.   Likewise, differences between countries in
the etiquette and style of business transactions and relationships
play a prominent role in securing and expanding international
investments and market share. Instead of simplifying these variations
into national stereotypes, a more sophisticated and dynamic analysis
of comparative business cultures enables managers and policymakers to
identify potential directions of economic growth and change, and
therefore to foster or participate in these positive trends.  This
course lays the foundation for understanding cultural diversity in
international corporations by introducing students to up-to-date
analyses of examples drawn from the situations most discussed in news
and policy reports.
Grading is based on midterm and final exams and hands-on class projects.

Readings will be selected from:
Constructing Corporate America, Kenneth Lipartito and David Sicilia, eds.
Corporate Futures, George Marcus, ed.
The Trading Crowd, by Ellen Hertz
Gifts, Favors and Banquets, by Mayfair Yang
Collision and Collusion, by Janine Wedel
Fast Food, Fast Talk, by Robin Leidner
Pink Collars and High Heels, by Carla Freeman
Salaula, by Karen Hansen
Crafting Selves, by Doreen Kondo.