Anthropology | Museum Practicum
A408 | 1201 | Conrad

The Museum Practicum (1-4 cr.) provides students with the opportunity
to gain hands-on work experience in museums while earning academic
credit through Indiana University's Department of Anthropology.
Practica require prior agreement and must be arranged with museum
personnel and the course instructor, Professor Geoffrey Conrad,
director of the William Hammond Mathers Museum ( or
phone 812-855-6873).

Practica may be arranged at any museum. If you wish to arrange a
practicum at a museum other than the Mathers Museum, you must obtain
written permission from a designated supervisor at that institution.
General guidelines require that you and your supervisor agree upon the
number of credit hours to be awarded, the number of hours to be worked
per week, and the specific work schedule. Your designated supervisor
will be responsible for assessing your performance and assigning a
grade. Please bring a copy  of the supervisor's statement of
permission to Professor Conrad when you request authorization to
enroll. Students interested in arranging practica at the Mathers
Museum should visit  for
detailed information regarding a specific practicum. Practica may
involve collections research, conservation, education/programs, the
museum store, exhibits, and photography.

To apply for a practicum at the Mathers Museum, please review the
information on the website, then contact the appropriate departmental
supervisor (noted at the top of each listing) to request an
application and arrange an interview. Acceptance of students is
limited. The required number of practicum hours worked per week at the
Mathers Museum varies according to the number of credit hours of A408
the student is enrolled in, and the semester of enrollment.