Anthropology | Native Amazonians & Envir
E327 | 24914 | Moran

Above section meets 2nd 8 weeks Only

This course provides an introduction to the ecology of the Amazon
Basin of South America, focusing on its habitats, the use and
conservation of the environment by its native inhabitants, and
examining the forces that threaten its very existence. The course will
survey the historical context of current developments,  the
differences found in native cultures and the diverse ways in which
they deal with environmental differences. It will examine both the
past and the contemporary social, economic and political setting
within which their attitude towards environment is developed.  Ethical
dimensions of the uses of Nature, consideration of what a conservation
ethic implies, and the challenge of using and conserving our natural
resources are examined broadly, using the Amazon as a backdrop for our
own reflection on our stewardship of Nature.