Anthropology | Field Sem in Cultural Documentation:Kids' Social Action
E600 | 26193 | Stafford/Carpenter

Students in this service-learning course will be introduced to basic
tools of cultural documentation utilized by folklorists,
anthropologists and others to explore, record, and promote
understanding with and through the cultural expressions of area
residents. The 2005 class will extend work with young people in the
Crestmont neighborhood on Bloomington’s west side. They will partner
with students in the class to learn about and document history and
daily life in the neighborhood, leading to social action projects that
improve the quality of life across the lifespan for residents.

* class time may vary according to student schedules and out of
classroom activities.

Who will take this course?
•	Upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in
ethnographic approaches to research (anthropology, folklore,
education, nursing, history, sociology, geography, others).
•	Students in the arts and humanities with interest in public art and
public involvement in the humanities (fine arts, ethnomusicology,
design, landscape design, parks and recreation, adult education, etc.)
•	Students in the social sciences with interest in citizen
participation, civic engagement and community change and grass roots
activism (political science, law, journalism, humanics, non-profit
administration, environmental affairs, independent majors, etc.)
•	Non-degree continuing education students who reside in the area