Anthropology | Native Am Folklore/Folk Music
E600 | 26198 | Jackson

This graduate seminar will introduce and survey the diversity of
expressive cultural forms practiced in Native North American
societies.  Cultural materials considered will include visual art and
material culture, architecture, verbal art (including oratory,
storytelling, and sacred narrative), cosmology, dance, musical
performance, public celebrations, foodways, games, and other topics
customarily approached under the rubrics “folklore,” “folk music.” and
“folklife.”  In undertaking this survey, the seminar will also
confront the work of key thinkers whose Americanist scholarship has
influenced scholarly work in folklore, anthropology and
ethnomusicology beyond the field of Native American studies.  Thus,
study of Native North American materials will enable us to engage with
general theoretical and methodological issues in areas such as
ethnomusicology, cultural history, mythology, ethnopoetics,
performance theory, and art history.