Business | G 492 Specialized Topics in Economic Consulting
G492 | 1701 | Rasmusen, Eric B

G 492 Specialized Topics in Economic Consulting (1-3 cr.)This course develops and
sharpens the research and writing skills relevant to a career in economic consulting. It is
centered around a student-specific research paper. Each student identifies possible topics
for the paper such as the analysis of a specific industry or company, the effects of
globalization on an industry, mergers and acquisitions in an industry, the effect of
particular government policies, or the effect of a new technology. After choosing one, the
course sessions provide a forum for students and instructor to give each other input on the
various subjects. Students will learn how to choose a topic for analysis, how to apply
knowledge of economics, and how to write up the analysis so that someone less
knowledgeable can still benefit from it.