Criminal Justice-COAS | The Nature of Inquiry
P290 | 2781 | Sundt

Course Description and Objectives
This course provides an introduction to research methods for the
social sciences.  Student will be introduced to the scientific
perspective and gain knowledge about research design, measurement,
sampling, and data collection.  Emphasis will be placed on the
concept of validity.  When is knowledge valid and how can we assess
the accuracy of our conclusions?  Problems particular to research in
criminal justice will be explored.

By the end of the semester, students will:

* Understand the social scientific perspective and the relationship
between research and theory in criminal justice.
* Understand fundamental concepts in social science research
including causation, generalizability, and validity.
* Understand the basic elements of research design and the primary
methods of data collection.
* Be knowledgeable about ethical, political, and administrative
constraints in criminal justice research.

Required Reading

“Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation” By
Daniel Chambliss and Russell Schutt.  ISBN: 0-7619-8787-8

Class Meeting:  Tuesday and Thursday, 11:15-12:05

Instructor:  Professor Jody Sundt, criminal justice department