Classical Studies | Comparative Mythology
C405 | 25832-25833 | William Hansen

Class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00P-2:15 Location to be
Section 25832 open to undergraduates only
Section 25833 open to graduates only

C405 Comparative Mythology (Hansen)
This course has three aims.  First, to introduce students to the
Western and Near Eastern mythologies that have had the greatest
impact on the Western tradition, namely, Greco-Roman mythology and
Norse mythology from European lands, and Hebrew mythology and
Mesopotamian mythology from the ancient Near East.  Second, to pay
attention to international ideas in the form of recurrent motifs,
genres, underlying assumptions, and narratives.  And, third, to
consider some of the approaches to understanding mythology that
interpreters have employed in antiquity and the Middle Ages.
Formal requirements for undergraduate students include a midterm
exam, a final exam, and a five-page paper on a topic assigned by the
instructor.  Formal requirements for graduate students include a
midterm exam, a final exam, and a 15-20 page research paper on a
topic chosen by the student in consultation with the instructor.
Exams will consist of short essay-questions that require a
familiarity with the readings, lectures, and discussions.
	The class is limited to twenty-five students.