Classical Studies | The Art & Arch of Pompeii
C419 | 2847-2848 | James Franklin

C419: The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Pompeii

Prerequisite: C102, C206, or equivalent

The course meets from 9:30A-10:45 A Tuesday and Thursday.
Section 2847 open the graduates only
Section 2848 open the undergraduates only

The course is a thorough survey of the remains of our best preserved
ancient Roman city.  We will examine public and private buildings,
especially examining the development of domestic architecture and
the four Pompeian Styles of painting. Along the way, it will be
necessary to discuss various aspects of daily life of the Pompeians,
and we will also look at other settlements (especially Herculaneum
and Oplontis) on the Bay of Naples for comparanda.  The course is
slide-based lecture format to a small class; because of publication
limitations, there will be substantial reserve reading.