Communication and Culture | Ways of Speaking
C229 | 23801 | Leila Monaghan

TuTh 2:30P-3:45P, TE F260

(Fulfills COAS S&H Distribution Requirement)

Prerequisite: C122 or permission of the instructor

Professor: Leila Monaghan
Office: Mottier 221
Office Hours: M 4:00P-5:30P, M 8:30P-9:00P
Phone: 5-4607

CMCL C229, Ways of Speaking, is a course that continues directly
from C122, Interpersonal Communication.  While C122 focused on
issues such as power, identity and gender from mainly a current
American point of view, C229 takes a cross-cultural, sometimes
historical perspective on such issues and goes into further depth
about the relationship between  innate language abilities and how
these abilities are expressed in a wide range of social contexts.
Key themes of the course will be communication socialization, cross
cultural variation in gender roles, and construction of alternate
world views.

Readings will include Ochs & Schieffelin's work on language
socialization, Don Kulick and Susan Philip's work on cross-cultural
gender variations, and classic works on the relationship between
language and thought by Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf.

Work expected in the class includes active participation,
presentations, midterm and final exams or papers, and an 8-page
paper comparing one local culture with one international or
historical culture based on both fieldwork and library research.