Communication and Culture | RHETORIC, LAW, AND CULTURE
C321 | 23802 | William E. Wiethoff

TuTh, 1:00P-2:15P, TE F258

(Fulfills COAS A&H Distribution Requirement)

(A portion of this course is reserved for majors.)

Professor: William E. Wiethoff
Office: Mottier 215
Office Hours:12-1:00 P, 3:45-4:45 P (IMU Lobby)
Phone: 5-9046

C321 introduces you to varied principles and techniques of legal
rhetoric in a combination of lectures and discussions.  You will
study principles and techniques that are theoretically suitable for
the speech of lawyers, judges, and other participants in the
American justice system.  You will compare these theoretical
guidelines with the legal speech in famous American cases, from the
Salem witch trials to O.J. Simpson.  Successful completion of C321
means that you can identify and explain rhetorical principles and
techniques in two written examinations, as well as compose opening
statements and closing arguments.
Required Text:
	Hauser. Gerald A.  An Introduction to Rhetorical Theory.
NY: Waveland, 2002. (IRT)
Required Website Readings:
					[click on "Courtroom & Trial
					[click on "Closing/Opening
					[click on "Faculty
					[click on the "Bio" option
for Douglas O. Linder]
					[click on the "Famous
Trials" option]
					[click on the relevant trial]