Communication and Culture | Productive Criticism of Political Rhetoric
C505 | 23806 | Robert Ivie

CMCL-C 505: Productive Criticism of Political Rhetoric
Class Number: 23806

F 9:30A-12:00P, MJ 112

Professor:  Robert Ivie
Office: Mottier 203
Office Hours: MW 4:00P-5:00 P
Phone: 5-5467

(Open to graduates only)

This course conceptualizes rhetoric as a mode of engaged social
critique while focusing on the problem of the scapegoat in
democratic culture.  It draws on Kenneth Burke’s dramatism as a
framework for productive rhetorical critique of representations of
the threatening Other as they foster alienation and victimization
within and between polities.  Burke’s conceptualization of the comic
corrective (for tragic frames of acceptance) is complemented by
Lewis Hyde’s discussion of the mythic figure of Trickster, work such
as Michael Walzer’s treatment of the connected critic, and
perspectives such as Michel de Certeau’s notions of cultural
critique as an operation of everyday life.  In addition to assigned
readings and regular class discussions, the student’s main project
is to propose and write an original work of rhetorical criticism (20-
25 pages) on a subject of personal interest and scholarly

Above course meets with AMST-G 620 and CULS-C 701.