Communication and Culture | Methods of Ethnographic Research in Communication and Culture
C507 | 3016 | Dr. Jane Goodman

W 10:00A-12:30P, MJ 112

Instructor:  Dr. Jane Goodman 			
Office: Mottier 205
Office Hours: Th 11:00A-1:00P and by appointment
Phone: 5-3232	

This seminar explores ethnographic research methods in the study of
communication and culture.  It is designed explicitly to connect the
three departmental “topoi” – performance, public discourse, and
media – under the rubric of ethnography.  We address a range of
theoretical and methodological issues involved in constructing
ethnographies of performance, text, public discourse, and media.
The course begins by considering current questions related to
ethnographic research practices.  Through a series of case studies,
we then look at how various communicative practices ranging from
live performances to multimedia events have been approached

Weekly seminar topics will likely include: classic methods--
participant observation, fieldnotes, interviews; the space-time of
ethnography; ethics; ethnography as cultural critique; ethnographic
authority and the politics of ethnographic representation; feminist
ethnography; subjectivity and intersubjectivity; ethnography and
history; ethnography of performance; ethnography of public
discourse; ethnography of media (television, indigenous media,
popular music); film as ethnography.

During the semester, students will design and carry out a fieldwork
project in the Bloomington area, culminating in an original

Most course readings will consist of articles available through
electronic reserves.

Above course meets with CULS-C 701.