Communication and Culture | Research Seminar
C710 | 23812 | Peter Bondanella

CMCL-C 710: Research Seminar
(Topic: Umberto Eco: Fiction, Semiotics, Cultural and Literary
Class Number: 23812

M 3:35P-5:30P, Room TBA
Professor: Peter Bondanella
Office: BH 542
Office Hours: by appointment
Phone: 5-3280

This seminar will examine the major writings by Umberto Eco in the
fields of fiction, literary theory, cultural theory, semiotics, and
philosophy. In addition to the major novels, selections from Eco's
theoretical work over his long career will be analyzed to see how
his theory has assisted him in the production of his fiction.
Readings for the most part are available in both English and
Italian, although graduate students expecting to show proof of
language proficiency in Italian by taking this course must employ
Italian sources in a required research paper. Students will be
expected to participate actively in
class discussions and to prepare a research paper on some topic of
critical interest that will demonstrate a familiarity with the
scholarship on Eco. The class will be conducted in English, and
students outside Italian studies are invited and encouraged to

Above course meets with FRIT-M605, CMLT-C602, and CULS-C701.