Communication and Culture | Seminar in Media
C793 | 3027 | Barbara Klinger

C793: Seminar in Media
(Topic: Reception Studies: Then and Now)
Class Number: 3027

T 7:00P-10:30P, W 2:30P-5:00P, Room TBA

Professor: Barbara Klinger
Office: Ballantine Hall 306
Office Hours: T 2:30P-4:00P
Phone: 5-1796

A field of inquiry that developed in the 1980s, reception studies
has gradually become a generic term for the study of audiences.
Today, comprised of multiple methodologies, it indicates research
interested in plumbing the connections between media and the
responses of historical
and/or actual viewers. In this course, we will begin by considering
the intellectual genealogy of reception studies, examining
developments in literary theory, Cultural Studies, and film and
media studies that led to its emergence. We will then examine the
impact that historical
reception studies and discursive approaches to spectatorship more
generally have had on diverse kinds of research in film and
television studies, from investigations of gender and race to
queries about the constitution of textual meaning, value, and taste.
In the process, we will engage other methodologies, such as
empirical/ethnographic approaches to the audience, that have figured
in the changing coordinates of reception studies in the field today.

Some of the authors we will read include Michel Foucault, Tony
Bennett, David Morley, Miriam Hansen, Janice Radway, Janet Staiger,
Lynn Spigel, Annette Kuhn, and Jane Gaines.

Above course meets with CULS-C 701.