X311 25855 Wartime: Role of Intelligence (Coyle) (3 cr.)

While intelligence activities on behalf of a country are valuable at any time, they become critical during wartime and without knowing of those secret operations it is impossible to have an accurate understanding of how and why a war progressed as it did. Security and intelligence services are also given different tasks as war approaches and during the conflict, with a focus on obtaining order of battle information, undermining the will of the enemy and deceiving him through Covert Action, carrying out sabotage operations and even assassinations.

The course will look at important intelligence operations from the First World War up until the recent Iraqi War and the current Global War On Terrorism. Emphasis will be on activities by the United States, but we will also look at espionage, subversion and sabotage operations by the British, Russians and others during both world wars, Vietnam, the Sovietís War in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and the GWOT.