Cognitive Science | Philosophical Foundations of the Cognitive & Information Sciences
Q240 | 3341 | Abramson, D

Lecture: 1-2:15p, MW
Discussion: 10:10a-12:05p, F

What, exactly, is a mind? For most of human history, this question
was asked by philosophers. More recently, it has been asked by
(among others) computer scientists, psychologists, neuroscientists,
linguists, and-still- philosophers. Accordingly, this course will
examine answers to this big question, and the many small questions
it is made up of. Before we get to the question of what a mind is,
we will ask the prior question:
why should we care? We will also consider what it means to be a
computer, what some important differences are between rocks,
animals, and people, and what it might take to build a thinking
machine. This course will be offered as an intensive writing course.
Accordingly, it will include many short writing assignments in which
you will be asked to present, analyze, and critique arguments.