East Asian Languages and Cultures | Elementary Chinese II (undergrad)
C102 | 3592 | Liu

Undergraduates only, 4 credits
P: grade of C or higher in C101 or equivalent proficiency

This course is designed to continue to lay the groundwork for those
who are interested in learning about Chinese language and culture.
It aims to develop students' overall competence in speaking,
listening, reading, and writing Chinese with special emphasis on
oral-aural skills.  A learner-centered, task-based, and proficiency-
driven approach will be employed.  This course meets five hours a
week: two 1-hour interactive lectures, and three 1-hour drill
sessions.  In general, lectures emphasize the context and usage of
key vocabulary and common sentence patterns, as well as listening
and reading activities.  Drills consolidate and expand what is
covered in the lectures.

Students will have opportunities to talk about their lives, perform
skits, read simple stories, and write journal entries.  Visual aids,
authentic materials, and multimedia language resources will also be
incorporated to enhance learning effectiveness.  Daily and active
participation in class is expected.  Grades will be based on daily
performance, homework assignments, quizzes, lesson tests, and
oral/written exams.

Textbook:  Interactions II: A Cognitive Approach to Beginning
Chinese (Text and Workbook), by Jennifer Li-chia Liu and Margaret
Mian Yan