East Asian Languages and Cultures | Security Issues in East Asia
E101 | 24195 | Fuqua

TOPIC:  Security Issues in East Asia, Past & Present

The goal of this course is to help students make sense of and place
into historical perspective the current crisis in world affairs,
focusing mainly on the relations among China, Taiwan, Japan, South
Korea and North Korea, as well as the relations of all of these
countries with the United States.  The course will be team-taught by
specialists in the following overlapping areas: Korean security
issues; Chinese history; Sino-American relations; and the history of
Japanese colonialism.   Questions to be addressed will include: why
Communist Party rule has continued in two East Asian countries long
after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and why strong pro-American and
strong anti-American sentiment has flourished at different moments
in different countries in the region.  Though attention will be paid
to the historical context for recent diplomatic skirmishes and wars,
a continual focus throughout will be how knowing more about this
important world area can help Indiana University students better
understand events that are affecting their lives right now, and
thereby better perform their roles as informed global citizens in
what has already proved to be a tense and confusing twenty-first
century world.

Class assignments will include a series of quizzes and short papers
in which students are asked to
link course readings and lectures to events in the headlines.  In
addition to lectures, there will be a great deal of in-class
discussion and use of audio-visual materials, including
documentaries and feature films.