East Asian Languages and Cultures | Modern East Asian Civilizations
E252 | 24201 | Wasserstrom

This course will introduce students to major themes and events in
the modern histories of China, Japan and Korea, up to such recent
developments as the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square, the economic
and cultural impact of the Seoul Olympics, and the global spread of
sushi and manga.  Via readings (including translations of primary
sources), films (both documentaries and historical epics), and
lectures, the instructor will introduce and encourage discussion of
the everything from the rise and fall of dynasties, to varied East
Asian reactions to Western imperialism and new Western ideas, to the
similarities and differences between major strands of East Asian
thought (from Confucianism, Shinto, and Taoism up through Maoism).
Although the temporal focus will be on the past, the class will
continually draw attention to the contemporary relevance of the
subjects dealt with in readings and lectures, and though the
geographical will be on East Asia, a recurring theme will be on
interactions between China, Japan and Korea and Western countries
such as the United States.

Credit given for only one of EALC E252 and HIST H207