East Asian Languages and Cultures | East Asian Nationalism: Culture & Tradition
E384 | 24225 | Robinson

This course will explore the issues of nationalism and cultural
identity as manifest in East Asia in modern times.  We will begin
with an examination of nationalism theory--it its political,
sociological, and cultural guises--paying particular attention to
how Western bias within this theory shaped, until recently, our
understanding of national and cultural identity in East Asia.  The
course will use nationalism theory to grapple with complex issues
within the modern history of East Asia: cultural identity formation,
the rule of traditional culture and social structure on political
movements, demographic and economic change, anti-colonial movements,
class versus national identifications, creation and meaning of
national symbols, and ethnic stratification with national
collectives.  Our goal is to better appreciate the scope and
relative utility of nationalism theory in scholarly writing about
East Asia while acquainting ourselves with and rethinking some of
the general themes in our understanding of East Asian culture.