East Asian Languages and Cultures | Computer-Enhanced East Asian Language Learning
E526 | 24206 | Liu/Chan

Instructors:  Jennifer Liu, James Chan

P:  basic computer literacy

This course is designed for advanced students or teachers of
Chinese, Japanese, or Korean to explore the uses of computer
technology in language learning and teaching (Computer Assisted
Language LearningóCALL).  It seeks to examine the development of
CALL in the context of second language acquisition and contemporary
learning theories, and thus help students derive a critical
perspective on the application of modern technology in various areas
of language development.  Students will have opportunities to review
and evaluate CALL software and online applications as well as design
computer-based activities to enhance language learning.

The class will be conducted in a seminar-lab format. Students are
required to complete assigned reading; research the CALL issues and
applications related to learning of grammar, vocabulary, listening,
reading, writing, and speaking; and identify a critical
instructional issue and develop a CALL prototype to address the
problem.  Active participation in class is mandatory.  Graduate and
advanced undergraduate students of EALC, Comparative Literature,
Education, and Applied Linguistics, with an interest in acquiring
knowledge, skills, and experience in teaching Chinese, Japanese, and
Korean language with computer technology are welcome.

Textbook:  Chapelle, Carol A. (2001). Computer Applications in
Second Language Acquisition. London: Cambridge University Press.