East Asian Languages and Cultures | Literary Japanese I
J506 | 24234 | Watt

P: completion of J302 or permission of instructor

REGISTRATION NOTES:  Students concurrently taking J302 who want to
take J461 should see the instructor.  Students who completed
J462/J507 but who have not yet taken J461/J506 may register for this
class:  the approach to learning classical grammar will be different.

This course is an introduction to classical Japanese writings.
Students will read texts from various genres and periods.  Attention
will be paid to the grammatical analysis of texts.  Frequent
comparisons will be made to modern Japanese.  After completing this
course, students will at least be able to analyze and understand
simple passages written in classical Japanese, which do not have
modern Japanese equivalents, by using dictionaries.

Students are expected to complete assignments before coming to
class; the class will often be conducted on the basis of the
completed assignments.  Grades will be based on homework
assignments, classroom participation, frequent quizzes, a midterm,
and a final examination.

Students are required to equip themselves with a copy of one of the
following dictionaries of classical Japanese (or an appropriate
Obunsha, Kogo jiten (new ed., rev 1975)
Kadokawa, Kogo jiten (new ed., rev 1963)
Sanseido, Shin meikai kogo jiten (rev 1972)