David Nordloh

ARR. 1-3 cr.

Permission of the instructor and Director of Undergraduate Studies required. Obtain authorization from BH 442.

Under the aegis of this course, a student arranges with a faculty member for a tutorial on a literary subject, author, or group of authors. Ordinarily, teachers are most willing to conduct an independent reading project with a student whom they know from a previous course, and on a topic within their field of expertise. If a student has a project in mind, but no idea about appropriate teachers, she or he can ask the Director of Undergraduate Studies (BH 442A) to recommend names of possible directors.

In undertaking L495, the student and teacher ordinarily agree on a sequence of readings, on a schedule of meetings, and on written assignments. This agreement must be written down on a form available from the Undergraduate Secretary in the English Department (BH 442) and returned before authorization to enroll in the course can be granted.