English | Special Topics: Lit Study and Theory
L680 | 4936 | Foster

4:00p  5:15p TR


Cross-listed with the Cultural Studies program, this course meets
the core requirement for the Ph.D. minor in Cultural Studies, but it
is also open to any other interested students.  This version of the
course will begin with an introduction to the interdisciplinary
Cultural Studies movement, which will be defined in terms of both
methodology and objects of study.  In this part of the course we
will pay special attention to changing definitions of Aculture,@
especially challenges to hierarchies of cultural value, of Ahigh@
and Alow,@ which result from the increasing importance of popular
media and from anthropological work on everyday life as symbolically
significant.  The second section of the course will examine the
theoretical foundations of cultural studies, tracing some of the
major influences on the development of the theory of articulation
associated with Stuart Hall and the British Cultural Studies
movement, such as Marxist theories of hegemony and ideology
critique, the challenge to Marxism posed by the new social movements
(feminism, queer theory, critical race studies, post-colonial
theory), and Foucault=s post-structuralist discourse analysis and
other redefinitions of textuality.  The third section of the course
will turn to the tension between disciplinarity and
interdisciplinarity, and will consider some exemplary types of
cultural studies projects (including but not limited to textual
analysis, reception studies, and ethnography).  The course will end
by turning to three emergent contemporary concerns within cultural
studies: the effects of globalization and post-Fordist economic
formations, technoculture studies of new electronic media, and the
changing status of the university and especially the humanities.

Assignments will probably include 2-3 essays, as well as some
shorter projects.
The readings will include a course packet and a set of books drawn
from this list:
David Morley and Kuan-Hsing Chen, eds., _Stuart Hall: Critical
Dialogues in Cultural Studies_
Simon During, ed., _The Cultural Studies Reader_, 2nd edition
Antonio Gramsci, _The Prison Notebooks_
Michel Foucault, _Discipline and Punish or The History of
Sexuality_, vol. 1
Dick Hebdige, _Subculture_
Slavoj Zizek, ed., _Mapping Ideology_
Janice Radway, _Reading the Romance_
Chandra Mukerji and Michael Schudson, eds., _Rethinking Popular
Pat Brantlinger, _Crusoe's Footprints: Cultural Studies in Britain
and America_
David Held and Anthony McGrew, _The Global Transformations Reader_
Bill Readings, _The University in Ruins_
David Bell and Barbara Kennedy, eds., _The Cybercultures Reader_