Why travel? Where do tourists go? Why those places? What happens to the environment and other cultures as a result of tourism? Is there a difference between travel and tourism? This class will investigate these questions and many others as we look at representations of travel in popular culture. Our readings will range from theories of travel and tourism to travel narratives of exotic (and not so exotic) locales. We will watch several movies in the class including Lost In Translation, Seven Years in Tibet,The Beach, Apocalypse Now, and the spectacular film, Baraka, as we consider how cinema itself is a form of travel. Later, we will read Kerouac's classic novel On The Road. While we will talk some about our own travels, this will not be a course in how to write a good travel narrative. Instead, it is a course of analysis and asking questions without simple answers. We will think, talk, and write in ways that allow us to see the complicated nature of representations of tourism in order to more fully understand the desires and fantasies that encourage travel.