English | Writing Fiction
W301 | 24750 | Manny Martinez

Manny Martinez

4:00p-5:15p TR (15 students) 3 cr.  PREREQUISITE: W103 or W203 (or
equivalent).  Section requires permission of instructor.

This course is a fiction workshop.  As such, we will write and write
and write.  Each student will turn in three stories in the course of
the semester.  You will be expected to revise two of these stories
based on the critiques received in class and in written statements.
Each student will respond in writing to each story workshopped.
There will be no exceptions.  Criticizing each otherís work in
constructive fashion is the most important duty that we will perform
for each other.  You should submit a 5-10 page short story to my box
in BH 442 in order to apply for admission to the course.  The names
of admitted students will be given to the Creative Writing Program
Secretary in BH 442.  As soon as you are admitted, obtain an on-line
authorization to register from the secretary.  You must have an
authorization in order to register.