English | Writing Poetry
W303 | 5162 | Richard Cecil

Richard Cecil

2:30p-3:45p TR (15 students) 3 cr.  PREREQUISITE:  W103 or W203 (or
equivalent).  Section requires permission of instructor.

This course is a workshop in writing poetry.  Students will turn in
a poem a week, which will be discussed in class.  The poems will be
exercises based on readings in contemporary poetry.  In addition to
students' poems, the class will discuss and report on recent
published poetry selected from the course reading list.  No tests.
No auditors.  Students will distribute photocopies of their work to
all members of the class.  Texts:  five books of contemporary
poetry, to be announced.

Approval of the instructor is required for admission.  To apply,
submit 5 pages of poetry, with a cover sheet listing your name, e-
mail address, and a list of creative writing courses you've taken,
to my mailbox in BH 442 at least one week before your registration
day.  To improve your chances of getting a place in the workshop,
submit your manuscripts as soon as possible, since places will be
filled as people apply.  Those who register late should apply at the
beginning of the registration period so that, if admitted, a place
will reserved for them in the class.  No places will be saved for
late registration.  The names of admitted students will be given to
the Creative Writing Program Secretary in BH 442.  As soon as you
are admitted, obtain an on-line authorization to register from the
secretary.  You must have an authorization in order to register.