Tony Ardizzone

1:00p-2:15p TR (15 students) 3 cr. PREREQUISITE: W301 or equivalent. Section requires permission of instructor.

The basic idea behind this creative writing workshop is that students learn best about writing by writing, by listening to others constructively criticize their work in class, by discussing their work with the instructor in conference, and then by rewriting. The aims of this advanced workshop are twofold: to encourage students to write by providing them with a critical audience, and to help students develop a sound critical sense about their work. In addition to submitting at least two short stories, or chapters from longer works-in-progress such as a novella or a novel, for a total of approximately 45-50 pages, students will read, critique, and discuss one another's creative work. The class will also read two craft-oriented texts and a collection of short stories (to be determined later), and discuss working habits and the creative writing process.

Students interested in this class should submit 15-20 pages of fiction along with a list of their previous creative writing classes (include instructor's name and course grade) and any other pertinent biographical information to my mailbox in BH 442 at least several days before registration. A list of accepted students will be posted on my office door (BH 529) and given to the Creative Writing Program Secretary in BH 442. As soon as you are admitted, obtain an on-line authorization to register from the secretary. You must have an authorization in order to register.

Texts: John Gardner, The Art of Fiction
Rust Hills, Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular
a collection of short stories, to be determined