English | Advanced Poetry Writing
W403 | 5168 | Maurice Manning

Maurice Manning

11:15a-12:30p MW (15 students) 3 cr.  PREREQUISITE:  W303.  Section
requires permission of instructor.

That’s right, this class will be an advanced poetry workshop.
Students will write one poem each week and strive to accumulate a
coherent body of work over the semester.  Rigorous reading, writing,
and conversation will be expected.  We’ll read a couple of
collections of contemporary poetry, paying attention to the way each
book is designed.  Ideally, you’ll think of your writing as a body
of work, a series or family, of poems that belong together—whether
the links are stylistic, formal, or thematic.  The process of
thinking on a scale beyond the individual poem is challenging but
rewarding; it is the work of the serious artist, appropriate for
this course level.  Your final project will be a “published” version
of your body of work.  How you “publish,” the design and reach of
the project, will be up to you.

If you want to take this course, you must submit a sample of your
writing (5 poems).  On a separate sheet, include your email address
and a list of creative writing classes you’ve taken, including the
names of your instructors.  Be sure your name is on every page.  You
should turn in your writing sample as soon as possible to my mailbox
in BH 442.  The names of admitted students will be posted on my
office door (BH 532) and given to the Creative Writing Program
Secretary in BH 442.  As soon as you are admitted, obtain an on-line
authorization to register from the secretary.  You must have an
authorization in order to register.