English | Writing Poetry
W513 | 24778 | Young

5:45p  8:45p W


W513: Writing Poetry is designed specifically for students who are
interested in writing poetry but who are not currently enrolled in
the graduate poetry program.  As such, the course is open to
students in the graduate program in fiction, English graduate
students working toward an M.A. or the Ph.D., as well as graduate
students outside the English department.

This course will serve as an introduction to poetry at the graduate
level.  We begin with a study of the line (is it a unit of breath?
of rhythm? of music or meter?) and move on to broader concerns.  We
will read the work of other poets and write and workshop our own
work in forms both organic and strict, in loose sonnets and tight
sequences.  The goal is to both explore and explode our conceptions
of poetry, focusing on the writing process and how it can apply to
writing other forms, from fiction to prose poetry to creative non-

Admission into this course is by permission of the instructor.
Interested students should submit a sample of their poetry (minimum
of five pages) along with their name, email address, and a
description of their current interests and previous creative writing
experience to the instructor's mailbox in Ballantine Hall 442.
Students currently enrolled in the graduate program in poetry have
automatic acceptance into the course; however, they should notify
the instructor well in advance of registration to insure that
they'll have a seat in the class.