English | Theory and Craft of Writing
W680 | 5174 | Upadhyay

3:35p Ė 6:35p M


In this course we will explore the form of the novel, mostly by
writing it but also by reading four or five novels of varied
aesthetics, as well as one or two nonfiction books on the art of the
form.  Some novel titles Iím considering, among others, are Ha Jinís
_Waiting_, Toni Morrisonís _Love_, Percival Everettís _Erasure_,
Anita Desaiís _In Custody_, and Kazuo Ishiguroís _The Remains of the
Day_.  I hope that by the end of the course you will have written
the first few chapters (75-100 pages) of a novel-in-making, with a
general idea of where you are going with the rest.  At the beginning
of the course, you will write and present a two-page exploration of
what you want the novel to do, and more importantly, what you want
it to be.  Depending on the number of students, we will try to
workshop at least one novel section per class.  You will also be
asked to do a presentation on a novel of your choice thatís not on
our listóa novel that has inspired you and might serve as your
ideal.  I am excited about the course, as I too am starting a novel
in spring, and I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning
from yours.