Fine Arts | Ancient through Medieval Art
A101 | 5178 | Silvers

In this survey course, we will explore the visual culture of the
Western world from the Ancient Near East (around 4000 BCE)
through the end of the Gothic period (around 1400 CE). We
will consider what the visual arts tell us about the cultures that
made and used this art, how stylistic development and innovation
occured within and among these cultures, and what these
artifacts can tell us about our culture. Our exploration of
the ancient and medieval worlds will include works in the major
media of painting, architecture, sculpture, and metalwork, and the
materials and techniques commonly used in the production of these
buildings and artworks.

The weekly format of the course consists of two 50 minute lectures
and one 50 minute discussion section. There will be five quizzes,
one writing assignment, a mid-term exam and a final exam.
Visits to the IU Art Museum will supplement the visual material
presented in the lectures and in the required textbook. A grade for
participation and attendance in discussion section will also be