Fine Arts | History of Photography: The First Hundred Years (Undergraduate section)
A450 | 22993 | Burns

This section for Undergraduates Only

This course surveys the history of photography from its beginnings
to 1940.  Although much attention is given to individual
photographers,  the course is also designed to acquaint students
with such things as the business and institutions of photography,
commercial applications, and some of the key theoretical issues that
have emerged in recent scholarship and debate on the subject, as
well as the cultural and social contexts of photography and its
practices.  Topics to be covered include:  landscape photography and
the American west; Civil War photography; the democratization of the
portrait; photography as art; issues involving the nude, eroticism,
and pornography; the emergence and ideologies of “documentary”
photography; photography and modernism; photography and gender.

Projected assignments/acitivites (subject to modification): two or
three papers or projects; in-class quizzes; museum visits.

Texts:  TBA