Fine Arts | Ceramics 2
S361 | 5341 | Mather T

S361  Ceramics 2

Prerequisite:  S260

Topic: Mold Making / Slipcasting
Course meets with S461, Ceramics 3

Offered every semester, this course offers further development of
ceramic skills of handbuilding, throwing, and glaze application.
The mastery of ceramic process requires patience, time, and
practice.  Demonstrations form the basis for developing these skills
are a part of this course.  Slide presentations are conducted
regularly to show examples of historical and contemporary ceramics.
Individual critiques are held during midterm and final weeks and
upon request.  Assignments are initiated by the instructor and also
by your own ideas.  Assignments present the opportunity to increase
your working knowledge of ceramic processes and materials, and to
investigate aesthetic directions and possibilities in clay.
Attention to design, craftsmanship, and content are important

Course format is two, three hour class sessions a week.

Assignments, Tests, and Grades:  Approximately 14 studio assignments
over the semester, some instructor initiated and some student
initiated.  Individual critiques are held during midterm and final
weeks and upon request.  Grades are based on attitude, attendance,
and technical competency, content of work, creativity, and aesthetic
quality of finished work.

Attendance is required.  Three or more absences will seriously
jeopardize your grade.

There is a lab fee to pay for clay, chemicals, kiln firings, and
visiting artists.  For the most up-to-date listing of lab fees,
please visit the Office of the Bursar at